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  FRIDAY PUZZLE — Hand up if you feel even just a bit intimidated by Friday puzzles. That’s O.K., I was scared of them in the beginning, too. So I’m putting my hand up with you.

  I know. There are a lot of solvers in the comments who talk about how easy the puzzles are, but I’m going to tell you a secret: at one point, they were beginners, too.

  Don’t ever let anyone else’s solving experience interfere with your own joy and hard work. Comparing yourself to others gets you nowhere. It certainly doesn’t make you a better solver. Your puzzle is yours, and you don’t have to measure up to anyone else. We’re playing here, remember? The whole point is to have fun and learn something.

  But I still hear from a lot of solvers who are certain, absolutely sure, Deb, that they cannot manage a Friday puzzle. Maybe you can’t. But maybe you can.

  In order to convince you that you have a very good chance of breaking into late week puzzles, I’m going to show you my own solving experience. This will be an occasional feature, and I’m even giving it a cute, somewhat alliterative name.

  The point of First Pass Friday is to show you how little a supposed “expert” gets on the first pass through the clues (or how much, if you’re a “glass half full” kind of person). I won’t solve the whole thing here, but I will get you started, and I did eventually finish the puzzle on my own time.

  My hope is that this will help take the pressure off you as a solver to be “perfect” — or even to find it easy at first. It’s not meant to be easy. If, as a beginner, you can get even a few entries in a Friday New York Times puzzle, you’re doing really well. With practice, you can solve. Really.

  Here are the 10 entries I got in my first pass through the clues in Zhouqin Burnikel’s fabulous Friday grid. I’m not counting the letter “S” I threw in at the bottom of 25D; it’s a plural clue, so I knew the answer was plural.

  Please ignore the fact that many of my gimmes have to do with food. I promised you entertainment; I never said I was smart.

  SHEL Silverstein and IRA Glass were gimmes for me, as were NORI (the sushi seaweed), ELECT and MEL’S Diner. ATE at 5D went in next, because it was a reasonable guess to its clue referring back to what diners did in MEL’S.

  I’ve been solving crossword puzzles on a daily basis for more than eight years (stop snickering, veteran solvers), so I’ve learned that the answer to a question like 18A’s “Possible reply to ‘Who’s responsible?’” is NOT I. That got me AS IS at 13D, another entry that pops up frequently and is worth knowing.

  Another thing I got from practice? The “Org chart topper” will always be the CEO. Always. Remember the “must match” rule from our guide: An abbreviation in the clue means the answer has to be an abbreviation.

  10D was a fun one that gave me a great “Aha!” moment. This is one reason you do Friday crossword puzzles. “Ring in a coffee shop” could refer to a coffee ring on the table, but that doesn’t look like it would fit. What else is a ring in a coffee shop? How about a DONUT? Don’t mind if I do.

  Anyway, it’s not a whole lot, is it? Should I give up, or should I keep trying? I vote for trying, because my gimmes have opened up some new territory for me.

Next Steps

  You can collect things and you can crunch things, but how many things can you collect and crunch, especially with a letter pattern like D _ _ A? If I had to guess, I’d say the answer was DATA. And I’d be correct. Based on a totally scientific poll consisting of me, I would say that educated guesses are approximately one-quarter of solving.

  The same goes for the entry at 16A, right below it. The letter pattern is O _ _ S, and the clue is “Uplifting works.” Has to be ODES, right? Run the alphabet if you have to. There’s no shame in that. I do it all the time.

  So I was on my way to finishing that sector, which was great, but I couldn’t get any more and I was faced with a choice. Should I put down the puzzle for a while and give my brain a break, vowing to come back to it (perfectly reasonable, although I know myself well enough to understand the slim chance of that happening — your mileage may vary), or should I jump to a different sector? I work on deadline, so my choice was made for me: I pressed on, but in a different sector.

Picking Up Steam

  You never know when the filing system in your brain will pull something you’ve forgotten out of a folder and say, “Is this what you were looking for?” I suddenly remembered the word MALAPROP for “Language blooper” at 40A, ably assisted by both IRA Glass and NORI. Even though it’s a stretchy word, the only answer with AR in the second and third squares having to do with figures walking next to floats has to be PARADERS. We’re not talking about ice cream floats, even though I wish we were. It’s Friday, so enjoy that wordplay. You’ve worked hard to get here.

  You’ll notice that I haven’t tackled any of the long, stacked entries yet at the top and bottom of Ms. Burnikel’s grid (I’ve filled in 64A, but that comes later). There’s a reason for that. Tackling short or medium length entries first can help you build up several areas that you can expand upon as you solve. If you know a long entry, by all means, fill it in. But don’t feel bad if you don’t. They’ll reveal themselves soon enough, as you edge your way toward them.

  I tossed “ED” onto the end of 53A, because the clue, “Held (off),” is past tense, and that’s an “answer must match the clue” opportunity as well. That gives me the lively BAD APPLE at 24D, clued as “Group spoiler.” Any answer to a clue like “Absurd” that starts with an I has to be INANE, by crossword law.

  So now I’ve got the PAN- at 41D, “Rival of L’Oreal.” The only hair products I know of that starts with PAN- is PANTENE. Now we’re ready to drop down into those delicious stacks.

  The tricky entry at 59D, “Film picture not shot with a camera,” is CEL. Think about it: three letters, a film picture not shot with a camera. Has to be CEL, right? I’m writing that in.

  “Gently touches” is DABS AT, which is the kind of entry you’ll get when you’ve solved a lot of puzzles. I’m not kidding when I say that practice makes, if not perfect, a much better solver.

  “Passes” is ENACTS, which I got from already having the EN- prefix.

  And finally, we’re here. One of those juicy long entries that is so satisfying to write into the grid. I wasn’t sure about the first two at 58- and 62A; I second-guessed myself too much. But I knew 64A, “Reveler’s cry.” Again, your mileage may vary. But this one was mine, with the aid of a few letters: LET’S PARTY.

  Thank you, Ms. Burnikel. I think I will. I’ve had fun, and I’ve made a lot of headway in my puzzle.

  And, really, that’s the only thing that matters.

  Almost finished solving but need a bit more help? We’ve got you covered.

  Warning: There be spoilers ahead, but subscribers can take a peek at the answer key.

  Trying to get back to the puzzle page? Right here.

  Your thoughts?



  香港六彩2017蛇是多少号“【嗯】?”【程】【橙】【让】【纪】【繁】【星】【坐】【下】,“【你】【才】【刚】【出】【院】,【要】【好】【好】【休】【息】。” “【橙】【橙】,【你】……”【纪】【繁】【星】【话】【到】【嘴】【边】,【又】【生】【生】【吞】【回】【了】【肚】【子】【里】。 【没】【事】【吧】?…… “【没】【事】【啊】,【我】【能】【有】【什】【么】【事】!”【程】【橙】【咧】【开】【嘴】【笑】【笑】,【故】【作】【轻】【松】,【跟】【没】【事】【儿】【人】【一】【样】,【拍】【拍】【纪】【繁】【星】【的】【肩】【膀】,【可】【是】【眼】【眸】【里】【明】【显】【就】【是】【红】【了】【的】,“【这】【么】【点】【儿】【事】,【你】【也】【太】【小】【看】【我】【了】【吧】!

【第】1610【章】【无】【敌】 【到】【了】【现】【在】,【王】【恒】【老】【者】【和】【李】【清】【风】【等】【人】,【还】【是】【如】【此】【的】【小】【觑】【林】【风】。 【只】【是】。 【林】【风】【对】【于】【这】【些】【人】,【倒】【是】【没】【有】【多】【少】【的】【敌】【意】,【如】【果】,【他】【们】【不】【跟】【林】【风】【为】【敌】【的】【话】,【那】【么】,【林】【风】【肯】【定】【会】【给】【他】【们】【指】【点】【武】【道】【修】【炼】【的】,【这】,【没】【有】【任】【何】【的】【问】【题】,【要】【知】【道】,【以】【林】【风】【现】【在】【的】【实】【力】,【如】【果】【给】【任】【何】【一】【个】【人】,【指】【点】【武】【道】【修】【炼】【的】【话】,【那】【么】

【新】【书】《【京】【都】【斩】【妖】【物】【语】》【即】【将】【上】【传】,【最】【迟】【明】【天】【就】【能】【看】【到】,【欢】【迎】【各】【位】【来】【阅】【读】! 【这】【一】【次】,【是】【我】【的】【自】【信】【之】【作】,【目】【前】【正】【在】【完】【善】【一】【些】【细】【节】【设】【定】,【大】【体】【的】【方】【向】【已】【经】【确】【定】【了】,【再】【过】【几】【天】【就】【能】【进】【入】【正】【轨】。 【虽】【然】【我】【知】【道】【我】【的】【要】【求】【很】【过】【分】,【但】【我】【还】【是】【希】【望】【各】【位】【能】【够】【继】【续】【支】【持】【我】! 【求】【收】【藏】!【求】【推】【荐】! 【最】【后】,【让】【我】【们】【在】【下】【一】【本】【书】【中】【继】

  【在】11【月】9【日】,【绝】【地】【求】【生】PGC【世】【界】【赛】【准】【时】【开】【打】,【在】【首】【日】A【组】【的】【对】【决】【打】【完】【后】,PCL【赛】【区】【的】iFTY【和】VC【都】【未】【能】【进】【入】【前】【八】,【无】【奈】【跌】【入】【淘】【汰】【赛】,【不】【过】【小】【组】【赛】【的】【积】【分】【是】【能】【够】【带】【入】【淘】【汰】【赛】【的】,【所】【以】【在】【淘】【汰】【赛】,iFTY【和】VC【的】【优】【势】【都】【还】【蛮】【大】【的】,【现】【在】【就】【看】【选】【手】【们】【状】【态】【调】【整】【如】【何】【了】。香港六彩2017蛇是多少号【正】【当】【孟】【白】【为】【自】【己】【无】【法】【得】【知】【祭】【坛】【上】【究】【竟】【发】【生】【了】【什】【么】,【那】【些】【看】【守】【邪】【神】【的】【大】【佬】【们】【究】【竟】【要】【给】【高】【正】【明】【什】【么】【而】【懊】【恼】【的】【时】【候】。 【耳】【边】【忽】【然】【传】【来】【尖】【锐】【刺】【耳】【的】【声】【音】。 【这】【是】【十】【分】【嘈】【杂】【地】【刺】【耳】【声】【音】,【好】【像】【有】【上】【万】【只】【怪】【异】【的】【妖】【兽】【在】【尖】【叫】【一】【样】。 “【怎】【么】【了】?” 【孟】【白】【转】【头】【望】【向】【叶】【蛟】,【希】【望】【从】【他】【那】【里】【得】【到】【答】【案】。 【叶】【蛟】【的】【脸】【色】【稍】【显】【凝】【重】。



  【回】【到】【扶】【鸾】【殿】【禀】【退】【了】【所】【有】【人】,【见】【她】【还】【傻】【愣】【着】【便】【说】【道】:“【过】【来】。” 【樱】【珠】【乖】【巧】【的】【走】【过】【去】,【却】【被】【他】【伸】【手】【拉】【入】【怀】【里】,【愧】【疚】【的】【说】:“【不】【管】【你】【是】【谁】,【我】【都】【不】【想】【你】【离】【开】【我】。” “【殿】【下】,【你】【不】【生】【我】【的】【气】【了】?” “【傻】【瓜】,【帮】【我】【包】【扎】。” 【樱】【珠】【拿】【来】【医】【药】【箱】【取】【出】【棉】【棒】【和】【纱】【布】【帮】【他】【包】【扎】【完】【后】,【重】【新】【看】【着】【他】【说】:“【孤】【溪】【渃】【是】【我】【的】【名】【字】。

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